Acting School

Acting 4 Camera school with participation in film projects.

JJFilmworks - the British-Bulgarian production company has shot two feature films and four short films in Varna, offers you a unique chance to discover your talent.

Acting in front of a camera is an art that can be learned by anyone. In the art school you will be professionally introduced into the rules and techniques used by professional film actors, play your first film roles, have the opportunity to work with established British actors, participate in future film productions, and get the opportunity for professional development.

We will help you find the talent in yourself and enjoy the pleasure of playing in front of the camera as well as improving your fluency in English.

Three month course in Acting for the Camera:

  • Basic techniques of acting for the camera
  • Working with scenarios – character and dialogue development
  • Learning Film/Acting terminology
  • Working with scenes from famous movies and author scenarios
  • Choose to work in English or Bulgarian
  • Working with British actors/directors
  • Filming sketches and materials displayed on YouTube and Facebook, including original student ideas
  • Working with improvisations, monologues and dialogues, sketches
  • Receive an edited copy of your chosen work
  • Inclusion in advanced group after the end of the three-month course for participation in upcoming English and short film projects

What is the three-month course:

  • The course ends with a Certificate of Participation issued by JJFilmworks Bulgaria Ltd.
  • Upon completion of the three months, each student receives a video with a processed video of their work during the course.
  • Upon completion of the course, each student has the opportunity to participate in an Advanced Acting Group where short films, sketches and other projects are being developed, and the student has the opportunity to offer their ideas for filming.
  • The course has a workload of 36 hours over a 3 month period, with a weekly class of 3 hours.
  • The course is conducted by a British tutor in English or by a tutor in Bulgarian (at the choice of the student).
  • The course is entirely practical. Working with professional recording, lighting and sound equipment.
  • The course is entirely practical. Working with professional recording, lighting and sound equipment.
  • The curriculum is designed to be equally accessible, useful and interesting for individuals who have no previous experience in acting, as well as for individuals who already have such skills and wish to gain more practical experience.
  • All participants will be given the opportunity to choose scenes from scenarios of famous films in English or Bulgarian to work with. Scenarios will be provided by the course tutors.
  • The best students will be recommended to directors and producers.
  • Additionally during the course, at the request of the students can be organized workshops with invited directors and actors.

A one-month course on cinema skills for children:

  • Acting in front of the camera.
  • Work in Bulgarian and English at the choice of the child.
  • Improving English with a British actor/director.
  • Working with scenarios.
  • Participation and shooting of sketches and scripted children videos.
  • Working with improvisations, monologues and dialogues.