Golden Nugget International Film Festival Season Autumn 2019 Screenings:

If you want to get more information or to participate go here

We are glad to annouce that on 01.06.2019 we are starting Golden Nugget International Film Festival (GNIFF) with quarterly live screenings in London and Bradford England, Munich Germany, Varna Bulgaria and an annual live screening and awards event in all locations. The main emphasis of the festival are short films (up to 40 minutes). If you want to get more information or to participate go here

Are you a low/micro budget film maker and think that shooting all or part of your project in a foreign location is above your budget? Then think again. Do you have script short/feature or are in the process of writing one, why not consider shooting in Bulgaria?

Calling all film makers., We are a group of talented and experienced film makers, based in the Black sea coastal city of Varna, Bulgaria looking to provide services, whether for hire or collaboration on low budget features as well as shorts and also promotional videos and commercials.
We have over a number of years engaged in film making (Two low budget feature films, a host of short films, music videos, promotional spots) and teaching inspired actors of all ages, “acting for the camera” courses. We have a wealth of talent and resources to enable us to offer you our services. We can assist you in location scouting, permits, casting, catering, costume and make up for your production.

There is a host of various locations available in and around the Varna region.

City of Varna


All projects you can see in our portfolio here

Do Not Enter

Great War! The cold winter! One survivor! The past that comes alive, followed by the threat lurking in the shadows!


JJFilmworks specializes in the pre-production, filming and post-production of short and full-length film projects, documentaries, music videos and promotional videos.

Acting School

We will help you find the talent in yourself and enjoy the pleasure of acting in front of the camera as well as improving your fluency in English.

About Us

JJFilmworks - a British-Bulgarian production company that has shot two feature films and four short films in Varna, offers you a unique chance to discover your talent.